Vocational Training- Kismayu, Somalia

Vocational training courses for the second group of 100 youth at risk (55 girls and 45 boys) sessions have continued training for 4th month of May 2019. SADO implements this project with PEACE DIRECT funded by the project and it is part of youth vocational training programs in Kismayu, Somalia. Trainees are taking four different skills of computer literacy and office management (allocated 25 trainees), Cooking & baking (allocated 30 trainees), Electronic repair (allocated 22 trainees), and auto mechanic/auto electric (allocated 23 trainees), for the total of 45 boys and 55 girls in initial training allocation plan.  Below table shows the current vocational training and our expected graduate in our next training closings.

Training descriptions

# Skill Boys Girls Sub. Totals
1. Computer studies and office management 14 10 24
2 Cooking/baking 00 30 30
3 Electronic repair 12 09 21
4 Auto mechanic/auto electric 17 05 22
Grand totals 43 54 97
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