Fighting poverty through investing in human capital with education is one of the organization’s strategies that drives its priorities and interventions. In order to maximize impact of our assistance and realise long-term economic sustainability, SADO focuses on access to basic education for poor school aged children, quality of education, learning environment as well as management & governance of basic education in Somalia.

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Absence of effective government, insecurity, reoccurring conflicts and natural disasters, economic inabilities and higher schooling fees, short supply of qualified teachers- are among several factors that precluding thousands of IDPs and vulnerable children from having opportunities of education especially in rural and hard-to-reach areas.
However, with support from Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), SADO has been supporting two primary and one secondary schools in Bardera district of Gedo region- Southern Somalia for the last 15 years with teachers’ incentive, refresher teacher’s trainings, improving learning environment, rehabilitation works, distribution of essential school supplies and text books, advocacy and community engagement, etc. The number of students of all grades from 1st grade of primary to form-four is maintained between 9,000 and 10,000 for the past nine years which means the admissions of new students is not far more than combined graduates and dropouts in order to maintain acceptable ratios and conducive learning environment.


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