The small profit wasn’t even enough for my family

Aisha Mahadi Dinle a single mother of 8 children who are dependent on profit from her small fish business to feed her family in Kismayo, Somalia, including her elderly parents. Unfortunately, due to the massive pressure to provide for her entire family compounded by the lack of enough capital to run her business, the small business was over-burdened and on the verge of collapse.

I would sell the little fish I had by noon, but the small profit wasn’t even enough for my family, I could make more money to take care of my family if I bought more fish since there was a great opportunity but Couldn’t afford it and we were consuming the little I had, I was really scared…”

              A study by SADO established that the majority of women were willing to venture in fish business but were held back by a lack of required capital to start and expand fish businesses. With support from GIZ, SADO responded to the above challenges, by providing businesses with start-up capital, group management training and coaching to women who own or want to start small scale fishery businesses. Today, the women empowerment through fisheries and Microcredit project supports 260 economically disadvantaged businesswomen in the fisheries industry in Kismayo through Capacity building on business and entrepreneurship skills development and establishment of a sustainable revolving fund and/or lending scheme. Aisha and other beneficiaries anticipate success as they continue with the lending scheme. Previously, Aisha only sold her fish in the village and was often forced to also do part-time casual work to make ends meet. Because of SADO/GIZ support she expanded her business and employed two permanent staff and 4 casual laborers. “immediately I received the 500$ from the group, I expanded my business and got instant profit which enabled me to repay back the monthly payable loan ($45) and still make other savings. I went to Amal Bank and opened a saving account, after some time they gave me a stock credit of fishing equipment that cost 2500$. Since then my business grew even bigger and is still growing, now I transport fish from Kismayo to Kenya, I have also maintained my small samosa and fish business in the village and added ice-cream and milk business”. Optimistic Aisha has hailed the impact of the business skills development on her new ventures and appreciated SADO/GIZ for the timely intervention.

“Because of the training I was able to diversify my businesses and got new ideas, now I know bookkeeping and customer relations which are essential for my businesses. I am very thankful to SADO GIZ and everyone who contributed to this initiative, it couldn’t come at a better time for me, I can now comfortably afford the needs of my family and educate my children so that they have better lives”

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