Food provision and resilience building

Funded By: SHF
Implementing by: SADO
Project Title: Food provision and resilience building for drought-affected vulnerable rural and IDPs populations in Adaado district in Galgaduud region Somalia

Overall Project Objective:
To provide immediate access to food for 804 food insecure households (4824persons – 1158 men, 1446 women, 1254 girls, 966 boys)through unconditional but restricted emergency food vouchers for 600 households (3600 persons) and conditional cash transfer for 204 households (1224 persons). 60% of the beneficiaries will be women and the food voucher beneficiaries will be identified from labor poor groups, very poor households who have lost their livelihood, the sick, the poor pregnant and lactating, the disabled and the elderly men and women) while the CFW beneficiaries will target the vulnerable families but able to participate in labor work.
Outcome 1:
Household food security for 600 households (3600) is improved for IDPs, poor pastoral households, disabled and families with special needs families) living in Adaado district through 3 months of unconditional food assistance valued $95. Each beneficiary will receive food voucher equivalent to 100% percent of the MEB minimum expenditure and will include 90 Kgs of Rice, 6 liters of oil, 3 kgs of sugar, 6 kgs cowpeas) which is valued at 95 USD for Galgaduud. Community based targeting will be used to minimize exclusion of the most vulnerable.

Output1 :
Access to food and frequency of meals is enhanced resulting in decreased household hunger scale and increase in the proportion of households with acceptable Food Consumption Score and decrease the proportion of households with poor FCS

Household food security and resilience against future shocks is enhanced for poor pastoralists living in IPC 2 and IPC3 in Adaado through the rehabilitation of water pans. The households involved in cash for work will have an opportunity for income to purchase essential items and possibly build up a small asset base that might make them more resilient in the face of shock (s) in the future.

204 households (1224 people) have improved income and are able to purchase food and essential non-food items. Cash for work gives an
opportunity for households’ cash to purchase essential items and possibly build up an asset base that might make them more resilient in the future.

Uncontional Cash transfer indicator:
Number of people in crisis and IDPs receiving unconditional support to improve access to food 600HH (3,600)

Condional Cash Transfer Indicators :
Number of water catchments rehabilitated through CFW (2)
Number of people that benefited from conditional transfers to improve access to food and protection of livelihood assets

Traget Locations:
The intervention will target the following villages around :;
1.Bali-cad 150HH,

  1. TuuloSarman-100HH,
  2. Hulkujir 50 HH,
  3. Towfiq-100HH,
  4. Dhuumodle-100 HH;
  5. Habaasley-100HH
    Near Gidhays;
    1.Beendhaarte-102 CFW
  6. Wadgalinsoor-102 CFW
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