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SADO Youth Civil Education Program
Kismayo, Somalia

Aims to contribute to household social protection and economic property.

As scientifically proven, water is essential for every part of life in both human being and animal species. Human being cannot survive without a clean water for drinking, cooking, and hygienic cleanness.

SADO believes in that conflict and other forms of natural disasters are key contributors to the recurrent humanitarian crisis in Somalia and will always reoccur as long as there is no effective government that could protect its citizens from man-made adversaries and natural shocks

Fighting poverty through investing in human capital with education is one of the organization’s strategies that drives its priorities and interventions.

SADO believes in that objectives can be achieved and/or services can be delivered better by having sets of minimum capacities in human……

As part of core people’s needs, adequate shelter and human protection programming become crucial specially for internal displaced individuals.

social-life and agricultural development organization

Lives matters including human being, environment and resources

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