Social-life and Agricultural Development Organization (SADO)


SADO believes in, and is guided by the following values:

We acknowledge and respect the diversity and variety of values, practices and positions of the communities, institutions and people we interact with, even where we hold different ones.


We are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards and superior quality in delivering of our programs.


We are committed to honesty, truthfulness and trustworthiness in all areas of our operations and in the use of all the resources entrusted to us for the service of our beneficiaries. We accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.


We use strategically and prudently resources entrusted to us to achieve the most impact with minimal means. We are openly accountable on how the resources at our disposal have been used.

About US

"Social-life and Agricultural Development Organization (SADO) is a non-governmental non-profit organization established in 1994, with its headquarters in Mogadishu, Somalia with an operational experience and presence in the greater Horn of Africa. SADO pursues a rights based approach grounded on the belief that people are entitled to basic conditions of living with dignity and access to opportunity, as a basis of fulfilling their human potential.
Social-life and Agricultural Development Organization (SADO)

SADO seeks to stimulate sustainable developmental change amongst vulnerable communities living in the Horn of Africa region by enabling them find solutions to their socioeconomic challenges, through knowledge transfer, influencing, brokering linkages and facilitating/ implementing integrated people centred humanitarian and development programs. SADO has an impressive track record and experience in implementing community programs in Governance; Education; Livelihoods and Food Security; Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). Additionally, human rights, gender and environment have over time been addressed by SADO as crosscutting issues, targeting vulnerable and marginalized Agro pastoralists (individuals, families, groups and communities).

  • Vision: ‘A peaceful, just and prosperous society in the Horn of Africa’.

  • Mission: ‘To improve the living conditions of vulnerable communities in the Horn of Africa by facilitating relief and sustainable development programs’.

Our agenda

The agenda of poverty eradication is at the core of SADO’s existence and mandate. Further SADO is inclined towards holistic approaches to poverty eradication, and dedicates resources to addressing vulnerabilities, deprivation of basic needs, and challenging unequal power relations. Over the Strategic Plan period (2015-2019), SADO has elected to focus on five priority areas viz.

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