civic education Program
kismayu, somalia

SADO believes in that conflict and other forms of natural disasters are key contributors to the recurrent humanitarian crisis in Somalia and will always reoccur as long as there is no effective government that could protect its citizens from man-made adversaries and natural shocks. SADO also believes that resilience and development programmes can not succeed with absence of peace and some sort of governance system.
Therefore, SADO has been striving establishment of better government and peace in Somalia in order to break the cycles of internal conflicts and humanitarian crisis that have been reoccurring for the past two and half decades. Informed by many scientific-based peace studies, local problems can be effectively solved through locally-led initiatives, thus, under its Stabilization and Governance program. SADO focuses on: –

  • Supporting peace building initiatives and reconciliation dialogues
  • Supporting young vulnerable boys and girls that are in risk of recruitment for violence with Technical Vocation Education Training (TVET) and livelihood.
  • Fighting against poverty through job creation and ensuring equal access to economic opportunities for all.
  • Facilitating the process of council formations at district and state levels.
  • Increasing knowledge of young people who were born during the conflicts on their rights and responsibilities as citizens and to understand better risks of joining violence groups and migrations through civic education trainings and engagements.
  • Empowering women and youth to participate in political and decision-making processes.
  • Building capacities of other peace-building actors including Civil Society Organizations and state ministries on conflict analysis and resolution, peace-building strategies and conflict transformation.
  • Stimulating and investing locally-led peace building initiatives by organizing consultative meetings and formation of young peace promoters.
  • To close gaps between the people and their authorities, SADO facilitates interactive dialogues between civil society, clan leaders and respective authorities.
  • For inclusivity and sustainability, SADO Work closely with different peace building stakeholders including respective authorities, actors of civil societies, traditional community leaders, women and youth groups and other agents-of-change.
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